DisasterFlicks.com was founded with the goal of becoming the web's premier source of news, information, and reviews for disaster movies. We cover any movie where earthquakes, shipwrecks, fires, aliens, tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, plane crashes, floods, tornadoes or volcanoes put humans in mortal peril. Old and new, good and bad, big budget and straight to video, you'll find it all here. We aim to please diehard fans of the genre and newbies who stumble upon our site.

DisasterFlicks is still a work in progress. We are continually adding new movies and reviews and are expanding the range of disaster films that we cover. Our blog is up and running with the latest news on upcoming disaster movies and we currently offer dvds and posters for almost every movie that we cover. However, to reach our goal of becoming the best disaster movie genre website we need your help. If you have suggestions for the website or can think of any disaster movies that we desparately need to cover, please submit your feedback to me at jimplamb (at) gmail.com.